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Ingredients: Just reading these ingredients makes me feel so good. :haanji: but these are awfully long names to write so refer the picture for the ingredients :tongue: Directions for use: Nothing is mentioned on the pack. For a face pack to leave it overnight it may sound odd but I’ve tried this and no doubt it works best that way. So unless you want to wake up to dirty, stained pillows, avoid this. When I have severe acne I also apply it at night, just on my spots and go to sleep. It has a powder type texture like all those dry packs, but when mixed with rose water it feels like fine sand. All you have to do is rub it a little while washing and you are done. I have used all types of packs, creams and what not. In a period of 2-3 days, it shows excellent result.My mum has the patanjali-guide book where they have asked to mix it with rose water, apply on the face and neck & keep it for 3-4 hrs minimum. What I do is apply this when I have time and do my work with this on my face. Immediately after application you‘ll feel the cooling effect it has on you skin. Your face may look a little yellow after washing; like you have applied turmeric pack :yikes: (must be because of the haldi & mehendi extracts :methinks:). “The spike of Kitzhaber negativity can be directly attributed to a recent string of bad news national in scope over Oregon’s performance, for what we are calling the 100 Days Media Meltdown”, says Jason Williams, Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC.Williams explains, “In the past 100 days, there have been seven colossal Oregon failures stories, with many of these headlines carrying a national perspective.Along with the customer care number we have provided Xiaomi nearest service center address with the contact details through which you can make calls and chat.

What it claims: It is useful in acne, vulgaris & maintains fairness of the skin. It dries off easily but has a dirty brown colour, which when mixed with rose water looks exactly like mud. I have been suffering from this problem since last 4-5 years.It has a very strong chamfer smell which I really like. You know that agarbati type smell we get in temples. :love: It may be too strong for many people though!!!! He always makes such a face when I or my mum has this on. About maintaining fairness, I would say it evens out your complexion but doesn’t make you fair. :yuck: As far as the acne and pimples are concerned, it may take a week long time to start showing results (takes 2, 3 days on my skin O:) ). Honor 8 Launched In India Finally Honor 8 Launched In India in New Delhi on 12 October 2016 after the huge success of Honor 7.

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